Hair and Makeup Trial Run

Today was the day where we ran through the dances with full makeup and hair to see how it would hold up for the whole performance. Pam and Rana did our hair and makeup (it turned out great), and then we all drove to the dance school. Heather Gifford also came to watch us dance and take pictures. While we were waiting at the studio location, my sister and I chugged down some cold chocolate milk because why not? It was really hot and stuffy on this day, and as soon as I walked into the studio, I started sweating. First, Anita Aunty took a look at our hair and makeup, liked it a lot, and gave some feedback on what minor things could be changed for the real deal. And then it was time to dance. The first dances, Ananda Nartana Ganapatim and Jatiswaram Vasantha, went really well, and then it was time for the long one, the nearly 30 minute long dance. This really tested my stamina and mental strength because of the heat on top of the strenuous exercise. Somehow we finished it without completely passing out, and we finished up with the Thillana. All said and done, really grateful for the opportunity to have a trial run like this, and happy my sister and I got to show Pam, Rana, and Heather what our style of dance looks like. My muscles are going to be really sore tomorrow :(.

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