Margam Test

Today was the Margam Test. I did not feel prepared AT ALL because, over the course of one week Manasi and I had our final items dance class test, an India Day performance, and the Margam Test. The Margam Test is the test we are required to take that determines if we are ready to start the arangetram process. We had to dance one margam (one opening dance, one Jatiswarm, one Varnam, one Thillana, and two Padams) in front of Anita Aunty and the GoPro that my dad had bought the day before(: As soon as we started dancing I covered my nervous face with a fake pasted on smile, which soon turned into a genuine "I'm enjoying myself smile. When the margam ended Manasi and I were so dead. My legs felt like jelly and the fact that the weather outside was 90+ degrees did not not help. As soon as we got in the car Manasi and I begged to go to Starbucks and get "tall size of anything cold" The rest of the evening was spent watching Netflix and drinking our Starbucks. Yumm!

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