Photo Shoot Day

One of the big landmark days in the process is today - photo shoot day! My sister and I prepared 20 poses to use, but we ended up only using four of them because my mom had better ideas. We started getting ready with makeup, hair, and costumes around noon, but only finished at 5 pm or so. It was hard to sit still. Kavitha aunty and Kamala aunty helped us get ready along with Pam and Rana who are really talented with makeup and hair. Thanks to them the day went by smoothly. Then Vinay, the photographer, arrived, and Anita Aunty came a little while later. Since it was kind of sunny out, we went to Browns Ferry Park and took pictures by the barn and river, which sounds insane but it was exciting and fun, although I'm pretty sure my feet froze off. While we were taking pictures, Anita Aunty gave us corrections so they would come out nicely (like elbows up, or sit more aramandi). My best friend lives close to the park so she drove down to watch us. Then we came home and took indoor pictures, and by the time we finished it must have been around 8:30 pm, and we were so tired. My mom's the OG so she ordered thai food and that was a great end to a busy day.

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