Varnam Complete! Or so we Think...

Today we walked into dance class and we told Anita Aunty that we had finished learning the beautiful Ashtalakshmi Varnam. She replied, "Ok...Then show me." We had never practiced the whole dance before and we had no idea if we had the stamina to finish the entire dance. It was also the first varnam I had ever learned so I was new to the concept of dancing straight for 31 minutes. We nervously stepped into our starting positions. Yes, I'll admit that, that was no easy feat, but before long we finished dancing our entire varnam...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! Manasi and I were elated that we came out alive and we could hardly contain ourselves, that is until we saw Anita Aunty's unsmiling face. "I DO NOT like the choreography AT ALL', she said, "Next class be prepared to start relearning the varnam." Our faces fell...

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