Mahathi Sridhar is a 8th grader at Hazelbrook Middle School.  She has been around dance since she was 3 and she herself started learning Bharatanatyam, alongside her big sister, when she was 6 with Ms. Subha Singaram.  Mahathi has always enjoyed the stage and lights, so this was a natural progression.   She has been learning dance at the Anjali School of Dance since 2013 and was part of their "Murder on the Ganges" production.  As a second grader, she was cast for a small mama bird role, in her elementary school's production of "Alice in Wonderland".  She was cast as Mowgli  the next year in "The Jungle Book" at school. She has also performed in the Voices for the Performing Arts's productions of "The Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin".


Mahathi loves playing soccer, hanging out with her friends and watching TV shows with her sister and is a virtual encyclopedia on dog facts and Harry Potter trivia. .  She is an animal lover and playing with her dog, Mowgli, is one of her favorite things to do.  She likes supporting the ASPCA and other rescue shelters as well as organizations that support girls' education abroad.



mahathi sridhar


Mahathi is the 26th student to perform her arangetram through the Anjali School of Dance.

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